Monday, October 20, 2014

The Festival of Lights at My Dream Canvas

Its that time of the year! Diwali -The Festival of Lights is just a few days away! For me Diwali  is all about family, love, laughter, blessings, happiness and twinkling lights :) 

How I miss being in India and my parents home for Diwali. Diwali was always so special at home. Numerous parties, shopping, lights, rangoli, new clothes and gift from parents!  My mom cooked up a lot of yummy food and the mithai (sweet) supply was endless. My Grandmother being my roommate was an an added bonus. She pampered me a lot:) My job during the festivities was to decide on the decorations..... and fuss about clothes to wear :-)  I have fond memories of all the Diwali's growing up at home. I tend to reminisce a lot this time of the year. I want to carry on the traditions I grew up with.  My children too look forward to Diwali and love it as much as I do :)

My inspiration for Diwali this year was simple. A subtle palette of amber hues, silver and gold!  I made a trip to the farm close to home to scout for the perfect flowers. I wanted the flowers to remind me of the colors of Autumn. These dahlias are the perfect blends of the fall colors outside my window :)

The dahlias are floating in silver plated ice cream cups that belonged to my Grandmother. My mother gifted these to me a few years ago!

I have used my Grandmother's silver anklets to add a touch of bling to my tablescape! The candle stands are an antique store find!

This is the first painting that I hung on my wall as a new bride in my first home. My mom gave it to me when I was leaving India. My Ganesha watches over my home and my family!

A few Instagram pics taken earlier in the day! So what's your favorite Diwali tradition or a fond memory??

Images. My Dream Canvas and please do not reuse without written permission

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Autumn Hues and Diwali

Hello there! Today was one of those days where we did not look at the forecast before we stepped out. Yes, we are a crazy lot in the Pacific Northwest :) We check the forecast numerous times before making any plans! We dress according to the weather, right down to the shoes and the thickness of the jacket :) A hood is a must, umbrellas are a big despite the incessant rain.

We got into the car to run the usual errands....Costco was to be the first stop! Two miles down the road from home, our plans got derailed!! We parked the car on the side of the road and I began to take pictures. My kids humor me for a while, they pose for me, even scout out the prettiest tree etc. However, soon they have a pained expression on their faces. They realize that a 5 minute stop drags on quite a bit! They smile on cue, but I can sense their frustration :) Thankfully, a big fat squirrel appeared from nowhere and they got distracted :) God bless the squirrel!!

Back to the weather now, it started off as dark and gloomy. The clouds were threatening to burst and then suddenly it was as if a veil had lifted. The sky became blue, the clouds looked happier and I got to take many many pictures. So you are getting to see the before and after pictures!

I was mesmerised! These are the colors that I have picked as my inspiration for Diwali. So stay tuned for an Autumn inspired Diwali post on MDC :)

Keep on smiling and have a great week ahead!

Images: My Dream Canvas

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Home Of A Florist Turned Artist

Sigh! This was my first reaction when I spotted this weatherboard country cottage located in New South Wales, Australia. It manages to look quirky and dreamy all at the same time! The cottage has been rented by Laura Jones who is a florist turned artist. This is a home full of color, passion, love and warmth.

Do you love it as much as I do? You can view the entire home here!

Images: via

Gemstone Jewelry By Sanskara Designs

 The cough and cold continues to bother me! However, with the festive season knocking on my doorstep.............. its hard to step away from all the excitement :)

Sanskara Designs is all about exquisitely designed gemstone jewelry with a story to tell. Each design is a work of art . Handmade in UK by Josephine Nirmala, her creations are one of a kind. Connect with Sanskara Designs to browse the entire collection. You can also have a piece made exclusively for you. Now what's not to love about that!

Images: Sanskara Designs and subject to copyright!